Sheet Metal Services

Bending * Grinding
Classic Auto Customization Sanding
Classic Auto Restoration Shaping (Contouring)
Cutting ** Stamping
Drilling Trimming
Fitting Welding


*We can bend up to 14 GA steel (0.074 inches thick) at a length of five feet (lengths over five feet long can be accomplished by step bending), 11 GA steel (0.120 inches thick) up to four feet long, and ¼ inch steel (0.250 inches thick) up to 20 inches long. Greater lengths of bends can be accomplished on softer materials such as aluminum.

**We have the capability of shearing up to 14 GA steel (0.074 inches thick) at a length of six feet. And plasma cutting steel up to 3/8 inch thick. We also work with a local laser cutting company for multi part and/or complicated shapes.


Utilizing over two decades of fabrication, design work and  engineering precision, we expertly implement restoration and custom fabrication services to repair or replicate an existing item and can create your dream project.

Our skilled, handcrafted and attention to detail fabricator services can bring your automotive, business, hobby or home projects to fruition!

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Closed Sunday, Monday and holidays.


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Restoration & Custom Fabrication | R&C Fab
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